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PostSubject: HeroicDeath   Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:11 am

This is what allows us to use custom death messages, it has not been updated recently so is a little buggy but still works for the most part.

Heroicdeath - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/heroicdeath/

This is what we have so far, please add your ideas in the suggestions topic, start a new post titled "Death messages" or something and I will add when I get time.

#This file contains custom messages for death events.
#You can specify as many messages as you want (within reason) for each death type.
#Just be sure each message is on a new line under the appropriate label.
#When a player dies, a random message from the appropriate label is chosen.
#Accepted variables:
# - %d holds the name of the dead player.
# - %a holds the name of the attacking entity (player or monster) for PVP and Monster deaths.
# - %i holds the name of the attacking player's current item for PVP deaths.
# - %w holds the world the death occurred in
#Custom item names may be defined in the 'heroicdeath.items' file.
%d drowned
%d is swimming with the fishes
%d took a long walk off a short pier
%d never learned to swim
%d visited Davey Jones's locker
%d is now shark bait
%d sank like a brick
%d died to a cactus
%d poked a cactus, but the cactus poked back
%d burned to death
%d forgot how to stop, drop and roll
%d now resembles Freddy Krueger
%d went up in flames
%d exploded
%d made friends with the taliban
%d now has their 72 virgins
%d became a New Year's firework!
%d was creeper bombed
%d hugged a creeper
%d bumped into a ninja creeper
%d thought it was a cactus,,,was wrong!
%d met a creepers explosive personality!
%d fell to their death
%d took a leap of faith
%d went bungee jumping without bungee cord
%d took fall damage like a noob
%d went splat!
%d thought the ground looked softer
%a killed %d wielding %i
%d fell into the Gap
%d was killed by an angry %a
%d was killed by lava
%d became obsidian
%d took a bath in a lake of fire
%d drowned in a hot tub
%d died from unknown causes
%d was killed by Herobrine
%d suffocated
%d got a mouthfull of dirt
%d tried to breathe earth
%d should have watch where they was stepping
%d did not need a dispenser there.
%d got shot by a dispenser.
%d got electrocuted.
%d has an electrifying personality.
%d made a suitable ground.
%d committed suicide.
%d decided to end it all
%d said goodbye cruel world
%d took the cowards way out
%d died of starvation
%d forgot to eat
%d wanted to look nice in their bikini
%d tried to become a size 0 and paid the price
%d failed at eating
%d was on a diet
%d made the mistake of letting the skeleton out of the closet
%d was kiled by Mr Bones, needs Doctor Bones now!
%d became target practice for a skeleton
%d took too many arrows to the knee!
%a now has the head of %d as a trophy!
%d got gooed
%d got absorbed by a slime
%d got a face full of goo (get your mind out of the gutters! :p)
%d is a spider jockey!
%d got killed by a spider, it wanted human eye
%d tasted nice, in the zombies opinion
%d got bitten, died, became a zombie, got killed by a shotgun
%d got wumped out
%d got their brains chewed on!
%a is now feasting on the brain's of %d Omnomnom!
%d got punished for molesting a pig!
%d got porked by a pig!
%d got cooked by bacon!
%d likes them tall, dark, and handsome
%d got owned by an %a
%d thought he had pretty eyes
%d had their soul stolen by an %a
%d tried to find out if all Endermen were male!
%d lost a staring contest with an %a
%d lost a tennis match with a Blazeman
%d just got Blazed!
%d got killed by a big baby!
%d tried to play catch with a %a
%d is crying like a %a
%d thought it was a mole, and now got a hole!
%d now knows that even game bugs are dangerous!
%d was not smart enough to move away from living lava!
%d should have just ran
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Posts : 415
Points : 714
Reputation : 12
Join date : 2012-06-20
Age : 35
Location : Glasgow, Scotland

PostSubject: Re: HeroicDeath   Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:01 am

Plugin Removed, not updated
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