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PostSubject: Mobarena   Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:16 am

Mobarena - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-mobarena-v0-94-3-24-become-a-mob-fighting-gladiator-1337.19144/

We currently have one arena in/near spawn which will soon be moved to another area.

You can join the arena from any part of the map by using the join command below. You do not need to empty your inventory before as it will give you your items back when you die. You will also keep your current xp levels and you will also gain more in the arena.
It is important when you are finished you do the leave command or it may tp you back to the arena at some point. When you do the leave command it will teleport you back to where you joined from.

To join the arena
/ma join
To leave
/ma leave

When you join you may want to ask if anyone else wants to play, then you can choose a class by clicking the signs and when you are ready hit the iron block to start.

You will earn rewards in the arena these are currently set up as follows:
Every 5 rounds = 2 coal
Every 10 rounds = 2 iron
Every 12 rounds = 1 gold

The next rewards are only given once for reaching that round:
15 rounds = diamond sword
16 rounds = diamond pickaxe

Players may build their own arena and set of rules/classes/rewards, but you must build areas for fighting, spectating, lobby
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