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 iZone Area Protection

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PostSubject: iZone Area Protection   Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:20 am

iZone - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-sec-izone-v7-4-3-zone-protection-system-updated-to-1-2-5-r4-0-1-2-5.54721/

Lets us mark individual plots/builds to protect from many things, it also features welcome and goodbye messages and pvp areas.iZone is a easy to use protection system, that allows users to perform various actions on user-selected areas.
Here is a quick list of its possibilities:

Area-Specific: Toggle-able Features:
Protect your land from griefers
Disable monsters
Disable animals
Send a welcome message when entering a zone
Send a farewell message when leaving a zone
Give health to a player over time
Hurt a player over time
Turn pvp on or off in a zone
Disable creeper explosions
Disable tnt explosions
Disable all explosions
Disable all fire interactions
Players won't be able to enter a zone with restriction
Players won't be able to leave a zone with jail
Disable thunder strikes
Disable drops on dead
Disable all drops in the zone
Disable any interactions with the zone
Disable all enderman interactions
Give godmode to all players in the current zone
Change Gamemode when leaving/entering a zone
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iZone Area Protection
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