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 Anti Grief Plugins

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PostSubject: Anti Grief Plugins   Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:20 am

Some of the plugins which allow you and us to be worry free especially when it comes to your builds.

Coreprotect - This plugin is more than just a block logger, it also allows us to roll back the actions of individual players with the option to set a time and radius, or just use a full rollback. This means even that even if somebody did destroy or do something to your build/s then its as easy as typing a command to rollback the damage. It also allows us to see who placed or removed blocks and what time it was done. So if you spot something odd ask a mod or admin to check for you, before attempting to repair yourself.

Found Diamonds - This is both a plugin that is fun but also as functions to detect people who may be using xray mods or texture packs, or mining in the dark using a fullbright(flashlight mod)

iZone - Area plot protection from grief, fire, explosions, creepers, endermen, monsters, etc etc

Spectate - Yes we really can watch through your eyes as you play the game

VanishNoPacket - As it says on the tin, abilty to vanish.

World Guard - A very well known plugin to guard our World

There are some other plugins we have installed to stop any wanabee griefer or hacker, but that would be telling.

As well as daily backups we have the above abilities, this should give you confidence that your builds are safe on this server
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Anti Grief Plugins
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