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 Hey im Nsx or Tommy

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PostSubject: Hey im Nsx or Tommy    Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:05 pm

Hey, my name is Tom, Thomas, or Tommy what ever you wish to call me. I am from Midland, Michigan and im currently 16. I am a Junior in high school I only play one sport and it is track and field. I run the 400 meter dash, my time isn't amazing but i am working on it. I am a very shy person in person but when i talk to people through a game or anything that isn't face to face i can talk for days. I will hopefully be able to get a job soon so ill be able to start making my self some spending money. I like to get to know people and i talk to anyone and everyone im a very nice person and very laid back. I play a lot of different games like diablo 3, of course minecraft, league of legends, WoW (sadly), Battlefield 3, and MW3 on Xbox. I am taking class for C++ programming atm im not to far into it so i don't know much yet but I still have a lot of time to learn. I will hopefully be taking a Java class too if my school offers it. I don't know what else to say about myself so ask questions if there is anything else you would want to know about me feel free to ask.
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Hey im Nsx or Tommy
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