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PostSubject: Miss_Spicyy   Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:03 am

Well, might as well introduce myself to people haven't be able to already meet me, or whom would like to get to know me more...
Most of you might know me by Miss_Spicyy.. But to become more personal with the people who are actually are going to read this my real name is Torri. I'm from the United States and i live in Southern California. Originally blonde haired i died my hair brown, i guess that means i cant say "blond haired and blue eyed" lol well i still have my blue eyes so that's still good. I'm 19 years old and have been playing Minecraft for a few yrs now but it doesn't stop there, I'm an avid gamer and play competition in a few games. I mostly play FPS (or first person shooters for those who don't already know what FPS mean). Although i probably would of never picked up minecraft i'm truly in love with this game its a lot of fun, and i'm privileged to be apart of your server for the simple fact of the people who play on it. Recently within the last year i haven't played much but that's because i desperately lacked a server that could hold my attention. I applause you guys for having such a fun environment with a lot of cool people on it. So BUMB!
~ Other then playing games i enjoy playing tennis and when i was younger went 2nd all league in my city with my doubles partner, camping, fishing, and adventure is my life.

Anyways if you wanna know more then play minecraft with me sillys!

~Miss_Spicyy Very Happy

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