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 Grail Prison - The Hammerite Heretics Territory

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PostSubject: Grail Prison - The Hammerite Heretics Territory    Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:22 am

This grand compound is in need of help from anyone willing to lend it.
It is located at 640, 70, -2950.

What has been done:
Main entrance
Temple - Needs the inverted hammer.
Temple backroom.
Temple Kitchen
Temple Dining room - Still needs some tables and chairs.
Temple Priest barracks - Needs a large chest and some beds
Temple to Prison guard room - needs a table and two chairs, ceiling needs a bit of work.

What is in the works or what is still to be done:
The 4 main cell blocks. - 2 out of the 4 blocks has been done.
Connecting the 4 cell blocks.
Guard quarters
Guards kitchen
Guards sleeping area
Guards storage
Guards weapon and armor factory.
Mines. Note: Gotta be big, and like a freaking labyrinth, 3 levels preferred!
Access to Catacombs via mines. - Look-a-like of Bonehead catacombs, or in such a "theme".
Wheat and tree farm UNDERGROUND.
Water area underground for swimming and fishing.
Torture chamber for the ill-fated prisoners.
Interrogation Chamber(s)
Portal Chamber to neather - This is the LAST thing to be built - It may never be done - Depending on what Mani and I figures out.
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Grail Prison - The Hammerite Heretics Territory
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