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 The Server Rules

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PostSubject: The Server Rules   Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:56 am

Server Rules (failure to obey will result in jail, temp ban or permanent ban)

1. Do not Grief (Destroy) other users things.
If you have a problem with someone msg me on this forum or contact me in game! Greifing will only result in you getting banned! If you notice blocks have been removed or placed in your build do not touch or replace them, tell a mod or admin who will then check who placed or removed the blocks.

2. No stealing other users item/farming or animals.
This includes breaking into houses/farms and stealing things such as blocks, items from chests, AFK'ing at their auto farm collection points and killing peoples animals ect...
I also urge everyone to remember to please protect your items. LWC Commands are there to help you. (LWC = protection for your chests/doors/furnaces and more!)

3. Do not build in other users areas if they don't want you to.
Please have respect for other people. If someone started a building somewhere or a city somewhere, dont build in it unless given permission by the owner. If you do not have permission from someone there is a 128 block minimum distance that you must use when building close to someone build.

4. Claiming Land/Biomes.
You can not claim land or a whole biome, or say I claim this whole mountain. If you want to claim land start a build and then the above 128 block rule will apply.

5. No grief building.
This includes obviously pointless 1x1 towers, blocking off store entrances, blocking pathways to stores, building monuments of body parts, as well as posting defamation signs.

6. No floating trees or torch sand mining

If I find floating trees you have left then expect to log on and find floating trees all around and in your builds. Torch sand mining is where you tunnel under the sand place torches and destroy the sandstone holding it up. It leaves ugly craters on the map surface. Shovel your sand from the desert surface.

7. No offensive behaviour.
Language (constant cursing included) against others is not allowed. No offensive skins containing nudity, hitler, ect...
There is also to be no inappropriate talk on this server including crime, suicide and so forth. No flaming swearing matches in the chat, either do not do it or keep it private using /msg. Players found arguing or swearing at each other in the main chat will be banned for 24hrs. Regardless of who started it.

8. No Hacking / Double Accounts/Nodus!
Fly hack, Speed hack, Air Build hack, Teleport hack or any hack for that matter is punishable. This includes using two accounts to play on our server. This also includes flashlight mods or x-ray texture packs. Or anything which gives you an unfair advantage over other players. All players new and old are monitored using spectate or vanish commands. If you are caught you will be banned, there will be no if/buts/maybes. Do not leave yourself open to suspicion by mining in the dark and claiming you just crank your brightness up.

9. Usually Banned Items
We do not ban any items, this is a server full of adults therefore I see no need to ban items such as lava or tnt. All I ask is that you use common sense when using these items. If you use these items to kill a player against their will then you may be jailed/banned.

10. No exploiting the economy system in any way.
If you find an exploit or bug in the economy system let me know, anyone found taking advantage of any exploits or bugs will have their accounts reset and possibly asked to leave the server.

11. Builds around spawn.
You can only build in spawn using one of the pre made plots (16x16) if you wish to make something bigger please discuss it or it may be removed. If we just let everyone build what they like in spawn it would just be a mess. I urge you to also not start builds on the outskirts of spawn as the spawn town will grow rapidly and your build could be at risk. I suggest you build on a plot or just go off and find your own spot far away from spawn. Do not remove sand, dirt or materials from around spawn (for example the sand)

Lastly I want to say that yes the rules list seems long, but really the server is pretty laid back, these rules are here for people who are either new to minecraft servers or for people with no common sense or respect for other players builds.
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The Server Rules
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