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 What's the Server all About

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PostSubject: What's the Server all About   Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:29 pm

The Server was started because I was sick of joining no good servers that either were full of 12 year olds or run by 12 year olds, full of lag, the owners were not 100% behind making the server better, grief grief grief everywhere and/or you just felt like a number to fill a slot.

For all of you that have not read the minecraft forum post here is a quote that basically sums up what I want. And I think appeals to the majority of good players looking for a good survival server.

Quote :
Project M is a server set up with the goal of playing minecraft how it should be played and building a small close knit community and having fun while we do it.

We have set up a website and forum to build on what happens in server and to let players interact off server.
The server is about surviving, mining and building with your own resources wether it be on your own or as part of our already small great community.

This is not a server where items are spawned, even the admin and mods are playing the way every other player is playing.The plug ins used here will be kept to a minimum and wont take away from the style of play we want. Anything added will benefit it or just add some fun. Mobs are set as On and are hard difficulty so keep that in mind, this server will be an enjoyable challenge to its players.

The Server is run by mature staff with a mature playerbase, we make decisions together as a group with regards to changes or additions to the server. Which are discussed and usually voted on, at our forums.

We do not want new players to just feel like another number on the server, our playerbase will make sure your welcomed and are offered any help should you need it. We want new players to feel welcome and quickly become part of our community.

Most changes or additions to the server will be voted on and discussed here by all players unless I or the other staff think it needs done.

We have set a minimum age for whitelist to 16 y/o, there might be a few exceptions if players would like a friend or relative added but that's all. I want it to be a server for adults.

The economy is suppose to be a side dish for players, what I don't want and has happened a few times since the server started is players joining and doing nothing but making money instead of building or adding anything to the server. This will just make us demote you back to hobo so you can not sell items.

The server is about building first and foremost.
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What's the Server all About
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