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 Items and how you can sell them to the Server

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PostSubject: Items and how you can sell them to the Server   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:05 am

We have limited the items you can sell to the server, this is to encourage more player to player sales and not have players just selling every item or building material they have and not having materials to build with. Our economy has been tweaked over 8 weeks, with multiple forum votes on the decisions made. The economy is a side dish, the economy should not take over people building and instead all they do is make money. Any players who join from now on and do this will just be de-ranked to hobo and have their accounts reset, you must add something to the server build's wise.

These are the items you can sell to the server straight from your inventory:

diamondblock: 2700.0
ironblock: 360.0
jack-o-lantern: 2.0
cactus: 2.0
rails: 10.0
obsidian: 40.0
ironingot: 40.0
pumpkin: 2.0
saddle: 500.0
goldingot: 100.0
goldblock: 900.0
sugarcane: 1.0
coal: 3.0
diamond: 300.0
lapisblock: 30.0
wheat: 2.0
redstone: 3.0
sugar: 1.0

There is a few ways do sell these items to the server:
1. Hold in your hand and type /worth
This will tell you how much the item is worth each and how much for total you have on you.
2. Hold the item in your hand and type /sell hand
This will sell all of that item including any in your inventory
3. You can also use /sell itemname
The correct wording will be given to you in the list above or when you type /worth

There may be items added to this list in the future, nothing will be added that can be easily farmed or recieved from xp grinders, crops are still on the list but prices of them are kept low.
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Items and how you can sell them to the Server
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