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 Atlon, The Hammerite Heretic.

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PostSubject: Atlon, The Hammerite Heretic.   Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:19 am

Hello people, my name is Atlon, though my screen name is HesjingT.
I do not have much to say other then i'm now known as the Crazy Dane from Denmark.
I'm 25 yo male with a love for boxes, and what better way to enjoy a box or two then Minecraft?
So I came across (got invited actually) this amazing server and have been here for a while now.
The only regret: I haven't gotten laid since i joined the server O.o

For those of you whom have already met me, and is wondering what all the nonsense is about the Hammerites and "The builder" or the "Master Builder" and heretics and such. I'll provide you with a link to the Thief series Wiki pages with information about "The order of the hammer"

The Order Of the hammer

Now, the reason I state myself as a "Heretic" is simply because I have far from enough knowledge to call myself a rightful Hammerite, but is fully allowed to call myself a Hammerite Heretic.
However, if i wanted to be truthfully of The Order Of the hammer, i could call myself a novice, without the fear of having my skull crushed.

If you like to know more, ask me, i'm a Hammerite fan, and i know a lot more then what this wiki can tell.
After all, i have played Thief since the release of the game, and are still active in forums with other Hammerite fanatics.
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Atlon, The Hammerite Heretic.
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